Decorations with Traditional Decor

Modern Decorations with Traditional Decor

Even if your home has traditional décor, modern holiday decorations can give you a beautiful look for the Christmas season.

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-The holidays are upon us and it's time to get decorating. We're here in Washington, D.C. where the staff from Better Homes and Gardens and Traditional Home Magazines are hard at work decorating the President's guest house. They have some beautiful ideas we're gonna show you. Let's head inside. In this home built in 1824 and furnished with valuable antique, decorating for the holidays with a modern flair may seem counter-intuitive, but interior designers Joe Baum and Elaine Griffin put a contemporary twist on the ber-traditional dcor of the Blair house's front and rear parlors with a variety of evergreens, simple shapes and a little metallic bling. -So, it's important no matter how grand and fancy your house is, you want it to be livable, approachable and very comfortable. So, we've added some touches that are fun, fresh and modern that add life to what is a historic property. -To make holiday dcor fit seamlessly into your home, Joe and Elaine say that you should first take stock of your room's current color palette, and remember that traditional holiday colors may not be right for your dcor. -For Christmas, we're also stuck that Christmas really means red and green. Christmas really means festive, and you definitely always [unk] little shine- -Right. -But I think people should take the main colors from colors in the room. -Inspired by the front parlor's coral upholstered furnishings and Serapi rug, the pair chose to dress the rooms and the tree in a color palette of bright coral and deep pomegranate red, accented with coppery and gold metallic. To highlight architectural focal point such as the stately fireplaces in each parlor, Joe and Elaine bedecked the mantels with traditional garland, but topped the greens with shape and shine. -Then on the mantel pieces, what we did is in the front parlor we used cylinders so it's giving everything a very architectural, very modern feel- -Glass vessels filled with glittering gold and silver ornaments mimic the fireplace's columns. Miniature poinsettias planted in gold-rubbed pot add pops of coral and shine to the focal point, while tiny, red beads bring color to the garland in the front parlor, while miniature evergreen trees planted in mercury glass containers bring in the architectural element and shine. -You want your Christmas decorations to compliment your architecture not compete with it. -The holiday dcor isn't limited to the traditional tree wreath and mantel decorations. Joe and Elaine were sure to bedeck the room's tabletops in their holiday's theme as well. Pomegranates sprinkled with shiny glitter fill bowls on tabletops, while urns, bowls and other vessels bring silver and gold to each surface. -Tabletop displays- we worked at different levels, and that's another insider treat that we [unk] now. -You'll see all of these things going up and down, so there's not that, so it's very even horizontal line. -As a final flourish a smattering of throw pillows jazz up the historic upholstered furnishing with modern patterns and colors to compliment the room's bvue of corals. -I don't think that we need to be stuck in the traditional you know, what is holiday. It's make-your-own-rule because the rules are now. There are no rules. -The Blair house is all dressed up for the holidays. I hope these beautiful ideas have inspired you to deck your halls. For Better Homes and Gardens, I'm Lacey Howard.