Natural Theme for the Holidays

A Natural Theme for the Holidays

Better Homes and Gardens designers were inspired by nature when decorating Washington, D.C.'s Blair House for the holidays.

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-Here at Washington DC's Blair House, designers from Better Homes and Gardens look to nature for inspiration when decorating indoors and out for the holidays. Inside this historic home a garden scene unified the Christmas decor in the front and back parlors and the home's courtyard. A mix of fresh evergreens warmed each room as reeds, scablands and miniature stand up trees. Frigs of greenery pepper the room with tints of the holiday when tucked into flower arrangements and table top decor. Tom [unk] add orbs of bright color to table tops and mantles while ornaments and similar hues of coral, wine, bright [unk] and coppery red echo the fruit shape and color on the glittery Christmas tree. The towering tree holds court in the rear parlor's bay window and looks out over the courtyard. Here, golden garlands wrap the tree in glittering ropes of leaf. Beneath the tree a sea of poinsettias wraps the base of the tree in coral color blossoms. In the courtyard, garden elements are always present but the holiday items used to decorate this al fresco living space bring in natural elements that echo those used inside. Here, fox wood reeves and garlands along with branches of southern magnolia give the courtyard a warm base of green on which [unk]. Branches blooming with red winter berry offer bright color and round shapes, a miniature version of the pomegranate used inside instead of delicate ornaments. Round shapes are repeated throughout the garden with stainless steel balls of various sizes, peppered among plantings on table tops in the [unk] and along the ground. In the trees the air comes alive with airy wire balls dangling from berry tree branches and dancing in the wind. With the repetition of color and shape, it's easy to carry a nature inspired holiday theme throughout your home and even into the great outdoors. For Better Homes and Gardens, I'm Lacy Howard.