Decorative Piecrust Edges

Pretty up your piecrust with one of three simple finishes: a rope edge, fluted edge, or fork edge.

There are several decorative edges you can create for your pie crust. For each of them, start by preparing the edge. This requires cutting away extra dough around the edges, leaving only about a half inch of pie dough. Next, tuck that half inch of dough under so that the folded edge is flushed to the pan. Continue to fold under the dough all around the pie edge. We'll show you 3 ways to finish the edge. To create a rope edge, pinch the pastry pushing forward on the slant with your bent index finger and pulling back with your thumb. Continue around the edge. To create a fluted edge, place your thumb against the outside of the pastry. Press dough around your thumb with your other hand's thumb and index finger. Continue around the edge. Another finish is the fork edge. Dip the tines of a kitchen fork into flour. Lightly press built-up pastry down with the fork. With each impression, change the angle about 45 degrees working back and forth. Continue around the entire pie.