1 cookie 4 ways

From basic to beautifully intricate, see how to get 4 great looks from one cookie.

Wow him with the batch of beautifully decorated Christmas cookies that you made. I'm gonna show how to get four different looks out of one simple cookie. I'll take it from very basic to super stuff like this. So, to start out, I've got my royal icing here and a piping bag, and I just got a little round tip on it. And I put my bags inside of a wet paper towel and that's to make sure that the actual nib stays nice and wet, so the frosting doesn't dry up and make it hard to squeeze out my icing. So, I'm gonna do a little outline, like that. So, what I'm doing here is I'm creating a dam that will actually contain the glaze once I pour the glaze into the cookie. So, now that I've got my dam created, I've got some royal icing here that I've actually thin down a little bit with water, and that's just to make it a little bit easier to kinda pour on to the cookie. So, I'm gonna take maybe about, let see about a half of spoonful like that and just pour it right into the center, and then I'm gonna use a little paintbrush, anything you have, that's kind of an art brush. You're just gonna brush it right into the edges so that it meets up with your dam around the outside. But what's great about having a nice thin glaze is that all of your brushstrokes just kind of disappear. I've got one pretty well-glazed up. Now, I can leave it like this to keep it a nice simple cookie with a nice shiny icing on it or while it's still wet, you can always add some little embellishments. Who doesn't like embellishments right? So, I've got all sorts of little glitters here. These are edible glitters. You can pour these right on top of your cookie. I've also got different granules of sugar, both blue sugars, white sugar, and then I've got these little edible candies. You just mix and match and embellish your cookies to your heart's content. So, I think I'm gonna use some of these blue edible glitter and just kinda put it around my cookie like that, oh! I love that. That looks so cool. And then I'll put some of these, and some of those, and maybe I'll put a little or maybe just some sugar just to get a little bit more of a snowy look. Perfect. Now, again I can either leave my cookie like this, nicely embellished or I could go a step further and add some more embellishment. And for that, I've got a piping bag here filled with white royal icing. And I've got a little star tip on the edge so that I can get a real fancy border and maybe I'll do just a little border around here. So, now, I can either leave it like this or I can go even a step further and add on some more embellishments, so maybe I'll just connect my lines here. And there we go. We've got one of our Christmas cookies taken to the max and embellishment. One simple shape done in four different ways.