Perfect Piping

Learn how to decorate holiday cookies with pretty piped icing.

Just a few simple techniques, you can create lots of professional-looking treats. Decorating is so much fun. It is hence my favorite part of making cookies 'cause it's easy, and it's very gratifying. So, to start, you need some good icings or frosting that are appropriate to decorate with. So we've got our royal icing. This is gonna give you a nice, hard, and a little bit shiny of the finish. Then we've got our butter cream frosting. It's nice thick frosting that's perfect for decorating with. And then, you can always use a store-bought frosting. Now, the problem with this is that sometimes, the consistency can be a little irregular from brand to brand. So, if it's a little too smooth, what you wanna do is just mix it with a little bit of powdered sugar until it's stiff enough for you to pipe with. I suggest that there are 3 tips that you should have in your decorating tool box. You should have a little round tip like this one. You should have a star tip. And then, there is the leaf tip that's perfect for holiday decorating. So let me show you. So what I like to do is I like to keep a moist towel over my tips like that, so that the tips always stay moist. You don't get that hard frosting on the ends. So it's really easy to frost with. So I'm gonna start out with my round tip which is perfect for writing, drawing. It gives you a nice thin line. And then, I'm just going to zigzag all the way down my cookie like that. So nice even pressure is the key with piping. So there we go. Super easy, you can really have fun with this stuff. Now, for the star tip, and I'm just gonna show you how. You can either make stars with it or you can kinda zigzag like this to make really cool borders. That's the fun of decorating. You really get to use your own creativity. Just have fun with it. Okay. So there's our star tip. And you can see what kind of cool borders you can make with that. And then our leaf tip, this is perfect for making really beautiful wreath cookies. And I've got some started right here. And then you're just gonna kinda tuck your leaves under one another like that. Now, if you don't happen to have one of these piping bags, you can always substitute with a little self-sealing plastic bag like this. Just stick your frosting in there. And then you're gonna wanna use a tiny pair of scissors like these little guys right here. And you're just gonna snip a hole right in the bottom. You wanna make sure you snip a nice small hole because you can get a little bit more control with it. And then you're just gonna use it the same way you would a piping bag. Just press all your icing to the tip and just kind of push it out like that. So practice with these tips and then go crazy decorating your holiday cookies.