Emboss stamped images

Create beautiful raised images with a little heat-embossing know-how. Contributing Editor Polly Maly demonstrates this surprisingly simple technique using an embossing pen and embossing ink.

This segment is brought to you by Gel-a-tins and Ranger. Hi, my name's Polly Maly, and I'm a contributing editor with Scrapbooks Etc. Magazine. Welcome to my scrap room. Today, I'm gonna show you how to heat embossed images. It's a technique that I've used for years to bring texture, dimension, and pizzazz to my stamp images. To emboss something really means to raise it. Embossed images are raised and slightly glossy. Think of the feel that you get by running your fingers over elegant stationary. Let's talk about some of the tools that I'm gonna use today. The first tool, and probably the most important, is an embossing gun. An embossing gun is really more like a mini blow dryer. It's inexpensive and you can find it easily at scrapbook or craft shops. The next thing that you'll need, and it's probably equally important, is an ink, an embossing ink, and there are 2 ways that you can find that. You can find the embossing ink in pens or in pads, much like stamp pads. You'll also need embossing powders that come in a rainbow of beautiful colors or you can get it in clear as well. Another thing that I find is really important is what is called a tidy tray. This is a tray that I use for catching excess embossing powders, and I'll show you how to use that in a moment. First, let's work on the embossing pen. I'm gonna use black today. An embossing pen looks like a special or it looks like a regular marker, but it's got special ink that the embossing powder sticks to. I'm gonna use this for my name today. You can also use an embossing pen for doodling or drawing. Let's use this beautiful green color. Just hold your image over your tray and dump the powder. Don't worry about getting too much powder dumped on because that's what the tray is for. See, I've just tapped off the excess, and now, with the tidy tray, the excess powder will just easily dump right back into the canister using that spout. Okay, here's where the embossing gun comes in. Just turn it on, and hold your gun about 2 inches above your image. Now the powder is just gonna look flat, but once it starts to melt, then the magic happens, and it will get shiny and raised. It's already starting to melt. It's that simple. Now I'm gonna show you how to get a heat-embossed image using stamps. Okay, I'm gonna use clear stamps today even though you can use whatever stamps you have; wood mounted or foam stamps. But what I like about the clear stamps is that you can see right through the stamp itself as well as the acrylic block and use this flower image. Okay, now for stamps, you'll wanna use an embossing pad. Just press your stamp in, make sure that the stamp is fully covered with the ink, and then press onto your paper. Rock it slightly to release all the ink. I'm gonna show you a different way to catch your embossing powder just with a piece of paper. And for this beautiful flower, I'm gonna use pink, and again, don't worry about how much powder you're putting on because you'll be able to get almost all of that back into your container. Just tap it off. Very, very easy. Now if you're using a piece of paper, just fold it in half and slide that powder back in. Very little waste. This powder lasts for years. Alright. Now I'm gonna turn on my embossing gun again. Again, start about 2 inches, but you know, it's really, it's up to you. You can move it in a little. You can back it off a little. That's up to you. It's gonna heat it either way. You'll know if you have it too far back if it's not melting very quickly. It usually melts pretty quickly. There it goes. It's starting to melt together now. I love watching this happen. There we go. It will cool off quickly, and then you'll have your raised image. I wanna show you a tag using the same stamp. This has a flower stamp under the background, and this is using the same embossing ink on that pad, but this was with a clear, almost sparkly embossing powder. And then you have this beautiful green flower that was stamped onto card stock, trimmed, backed with pattern paper, and topped with a button. I hope you enjoyed learning about heat embossing. It's a great technique that's easy to master. It brings texture, dimension, and shine to your projects. I'm Polly, thanks for watching.