Tour Candi Gershon's Scrap Room

Jump into our Contributing Editor's stylish scrap room. An admitted pack rat, Candi still finds room to grow.

Hi! My name is Candi Gherson. I'm a contributing editor with Better Homes and Gardens Scrapbook Etc. Magazine, and I'm excited to give you a tour of my created space. My scrapbooking areas located in the back of our theater room in the basement. This is great for us because it means I can watch TV with my husband and enjoy time with him while I scrapbook. It also means my scrapbooking supply share the back wall with electronics equipment, speakers, and lots of wires. Marriage is all about compromise, right? The other two walls have pegboard where I hang my supplies. I'm all of the, if I can see it; I'm more likely to use a mentally. So, my space is all about seeing as many surprises I can. I do have a few small sets of drawers where I hide a lot of these stocks I hoard. Acrylic stamps are stored in a couple of these drawers, and I have wood-mounted stamp in some of the other drawers and all of my inks as well. My punches rest on top of one of the drawers system. Inside this drawer is a stash of ribbon cards. I stored this ribbon elsewhere, but I could find card it goes in the heap in this drawer. I pretty much pull out the entire drawer when I'm ready to rifle through it. It's what I like to call organized chaos. This is a close up of my tilt bins. I have three sizes of bins. Pictured here are the large and small. The large bin house larger embellishments and paint. The smallest bins hold smaller embellishments such as rhinestone brads. and safety pins. Here, my medium size tilt bins. This is a size I have the most of. They hold my buttons, various loose alphabets in the majority of my embellishments. I put silk flowers in these bins too. They are catchall for everything. The best part is that I can see what's there and access at all quickly and easily. Here is another shot of the rear wall. There are two bookshelves on either side of the drawer system and paper rack. Lots of stuff on the wall. There are big black things on the wall or speakers. I'll explain more about the other stuff soon. More ribbons, here is where my loose ribbon is stored. I stored them in little jars by color. The ribbon on spools goes in the plastic containers that are underneath. That little key box is a make and take at one of the [unk] that I made for my daughter Kayleen. Here is a close up of one of the pegboards. This is the one that holds my alphabet ribbons and stickers. These two are sorted by color. It make so much easier to find when I can look for them in that way. This pegboard system works well for me. Next to the pegboard is this corkboard. I keep various cards and tags that I've either made or received on this board. I also put miscellaneous photos up there. This is truly a hodge podge of stuff. I even have a little coloring page that my son Kayle made for us last thanksgiving hanging there because it just makes me smile. This is one of the stickers I used at the shelf. I keep a frame layout for my wedding and a mini album for each of my kids up there. These are things I made a long time ago, but they're still some of absolute favorites. My husband had this picture of me and the kids blown out from my 30th birthday party. My son said the party is signed it for me. It's giant and mounted on foam core and I love it. It hangs on the back wall. It's all about family for me and I'm happy I have place for this giant photo I can feel at home. I stored most of my alphabets stamps by letter in these drawers. They hang on the back wall directly under that huge picture of my and the kids. The hardware store is my friend. I find lots of cool-storage solutions there for reasonable prices. Two layouts are always displayed on a giant plate rack on the back wall. These are usually either my most recent layouts or layouts I wanna see out for a while. I also have my first cover layouts framed on the wall. My son, Heather was kind enough to frame it for me and I'm so glad that she did because I love it. Here are pins and pencils, some framed art, silk flowers, and an attitude adjustment jar that sit on my bookshelves. The attitude adjustment jar is a gift from my mother. It is still those inspirational quotes and bits of advice from her on tiny strips of paper. I love to pull one out, and read it when I need a click pick me up. Here, the embellishment jars that sit atop my alphabets stamp bin. This is simply extra storage for tiny things. Most of my brads are kept up here. Cards stock sorted by color. As you can see, I like to sort by color. It just makes sense. My dust is grey and a little bit drab so I keep this container of pain on my desk for a happy birth of color. Squeeze paint is so fun and easy to use. Here, my scrapbook that sits on one of my bookshelves. I can them on the top shelf in case the basement should ever flood. I just can't risk losing them. They're stuff to the max. I need to start a second shelf for them. I must be running out of room. Here is my desk. It's a kitchen counter from; you guessed it, one of the home improvement stores. I have two computers, one for work and one for play. I usually keep e-mail open on one while I work on the other. It's nice and I write articles because I can pull the layouts up on one monitor and write about them on the other. Here, the bins and pegboard on the other wall. Underneath them is my pattern paper, which keep in mesh crates sorted by manufacture. I have lights that are mounted on the ceiling, which point down on the bins and make them nearly impossible to photograph well. But hopefully, you get the idea. This pegboard is still this miscellaneous package embellishment. That's it. That's my space, small and efficient and packed to the gills. Ow! And here's the view of the theater room from my desk. From the month of September all the way through January. 9 football games on it once. Now you know why my scrapbooks are so full.