Tour Mellette Berezoski's scraproom

Step into the Creative Team designer's well-stocked studio with a guided tour from Mellette herself.

Hi, I'm Melissa Rizoski, and I'm here to give you a little peek into my creative space. My studio is above our garage. Although it's a large space, the slanted ceiling has made setting up there quite a challenge. My main work area is an L-shaped desk that sits right in the center of the room. I store small embellishment I use often, and spice containers, and within easy reach on my desktop. The desk floors hold tools, adhesive, paper scrap filed by color, and ribbons. This is the other end of my work area used mostly for sewing. I keep my [unk] Kenmar sewing machine there. My spools of thread are stored on a floor organizer behind my sewing machine I picked out at Wal-Mart. It makes it so easy to see what colors I'm running low on. Because there's very limited wall space in my studio, I took advantage of the tall wall at the far end of the room and covered it with as many shelving units as possible. It took 4 units from IKEA. The boxes and baskets on the shelves are all labeled to make finding things a little easier. The square glass jars hold my ever growing supply of ribbons sorted by color. This is one of the shorter shelving units on that tall wall. The tinning above the shelves was done by my sister-in-law's son, who is an incredible artist. That one in particular is #17, a series of self-portrait keeping it for a college art class. The fabric-covered end is from Anthropology, and the larger black end is from Pottery Barn. I also keep some of my designing craft books on this unit. At the bottom of 2 shelving units are my paints, sorted by manufacturer. I wanted to utilize the entire area of each shelf here so I added extra storage shelves to hold more paints. These are very inexpensive and can be found in the kitchen section of Target or Wal-Mart. It makes great use of that would-be empty space above the 1st row. Okay, we're moving along the adjacent wall now. I store my clear stamps in baskets and storage tots, both from Wal-Mart, and I am sure Target sold them too. This makes it so easy for me to quickly flip through them and find the set I need. The Close to my Heart alphabet stamps are stored in stackable plastic containers also from Close to my Heart that are designed to fit the acrylic spine perfectly. I keep my flowers in a variety of clear glass containers. The larger containers are sorted by manufacturer with 3 or 4 different brands in each. The Prima flowers are kept in their original jars just because they're so cute. I really love how colorful and pretty they look grouped together. My husband found me great vintage gin baskets one day and surprised me with them. I adore these things; rust, dents, and all. Love mixing vintage with modern. This is where I store my foam stamps, separated according to font and manufacturer. The open storage works well for me because I never could get those foam stamps to fit back in their original containers. This is one of the long walls with the slanted ceiling. You can see how short the wall is which is why my work area had to be placed in the center of the room, but we did utilize that short wall to its full potential. At the end, the 4-door cabinet found at a moving sale. I use it to store rubber stamps, inks, miscellaneous art supplies, and old photos, and photo boxes. My husband installed the long floating shelves from IKEA to hold more supplies in labeled boxes and magazines and storage containers from West Elm. On the other tall wall opposite the one with the window is my computer desk that I purchased from It always amazes he how much this desk can hold. It houses my laptop, 2 printers, my scanner, a basket of paper, project file folders, an external hard drive, a desktop organizer, a lamp, and a set of 3 12 x 12 paper trays that contain miscellaneous documents, address books, and completed layouts ready to mail. That is a storage unit. Above my computer desk are 3 magnetic panels by Making Memories. The round 10s holds small embellishments like metal bookplates, charms, and decorative paperclips. My husband installed another floating shelf above 3 panels, which I use to hold framed photos, CDs, DVDs, and binders, and the 3 binders I store sketches, contact sheets for my digital photos, and printed images of digital elements, brushes and kits. This is the other long wall with the slant ceiling. This area is behind my L-shaped desk. I aligned it with 12 x 12 paper storage cubes from the container store. This setup with a trace behind me when I'm at my project desk works really well for me since paper is what I usually choose first. The card stock is divided by color and the pattern papers are sorted by manufacturer. On top of the paper storage unit, I organize embellishments in a variety of labeled glass stars and containers. I'm a little obsessive about labeling everything. I probably have these jars here more for decorative purposes although having them close at hand is convenient. I just love the way they look, mismatched and colorful. On the other end of the paper storage unit are my baskets of buttons, autumn leaves brilliantly designed. They are buttons to be packaged in this clear plastic bags. Each one is beautiful; it becomes a decorative element in itself. I can't even imagine hiding these in a box. Above the button baskets, I hung a double-hook unit and a Making Memories clock corkboard panel. Embellishments are hung on the hooks and the panel holds decorative stickpins, grouped by manufacturer, I used to keep the pens and jars, but every time I needed one, I had to dump all the pens out and then put them all back in. The board is a much better alternative. This is my ribbon corner on top of my work desk, another decorative grouping. From the left, the 2 ribbon organizers are from Pottery Barn. The glass pitchers from my kitchen downstairs, the small ribbon holder comes with the Prima ribbon, and the tray is from Melissa Francis. The photo attached to the glass pitcher is one of my favorites. One of the advantages of having a long L-shaped work area is the amount of desktop space it provides. Along with the ribbons and embellishments and spice jars, I still have enough room for a Cricut die cut machine and then making them with paper trimmer. This kind of work area is perfect for someone like me because I tend to spread out over any and all empty spaces while I'm working on a project. I think this last photo best sums up the process I use in designing my studio, organizing groups similar items so your work area doesn't become too overwhelming. Use labels to identify and locate products more quickly. Remember that efficient use of space can save you time and help you become more productive. Surround yourself with pretty things just to make you happy, and most importantly, infuse your space with your unique style and personality by mixing in unconventional things you love. For me, that means incorporating vintage pieces, thrift shop finds, and anything not being used in my kitchen. The key to a successful, creative space is simply to make it yours. Thanks for stopping by.