a Paper-Pieced Accent

Create a Paper-Pieced Accent

Master the art of paper-piecing to create custom scrapbook page accents. Scrapbooks etc. Associate Editor Megan Boettcher takes you through the easy steps and gives time-saving tips to ensure your success.

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Hi! I'm Megan Boettcher, associate editor for Scrapbooks Etc. Magazine. Today, I'm gonna show you how to use paper piecing to create original embellishments, like this angel. First, let's talk about what supplies you're gonna need. You'll need card stock in various colors, a pencil, adhesive, scissors, and a great design. You can find designs anywhere at your local craft store, maybe on the internet, or in your clip art, but I found this one in our special issue of Let's Start Scrapbooking. Now, let's get started. Once you have a design picked out, go ahead and make a copy so that you can keep the original for future use. Then you can use your copy and just cut it out right along the lines. Like right here, we have the wings. Take that, cut out. Place it on the card stock and trace around it. I went ahead and cut out our card stock pieces here. And you can see, I've already cut the hair, and the face, and the arms, and flowers. Put them together. Right now, I'm just kind of piecing everything together. Nothing is final, just trying to get the look of how it will be. If you'd like to add extra little embellishment, feel free to chalk or distress the edges with some ink. Here is a copy of your final project. Now, you have a beautiful little angel, ready to adorn your next card or scrapbook page. So give it a try. Let me know how that next paper piecing project goes. I'm Megan and thanks for watching.