a photo-image transfer

Create a photo-image transfer

With just clear masking tape and a tub of water Group Editor Melissa Inman turns photocopied pictures into works of art.

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Hi, I'm Melissa Inman, group editor for Scrapbooks Etc. Magazine, and today, I'm gonna show how you can do a packing tape photo transfer. This is a really cool technique when you gonna get kind of arty funky look for any image that you're applying to a scrapbook page or any other paper crafting projects. So, let's get started. The first thing you're gonna need is a photocopy of the image that you wanna use. You need one that's created on a laser photocopier. You can't use your inkjet printer to do this technique and definitely don't work with your original. You wanna pick an image that has good contrast because the areas that are dark are gonna show up well in the transfer. Where the image the areas that are really light are gonna disappear particularly white. So, pick one that has nice tones and I'm just gonna trim off some of the access on this image because we don't need all this dark areas surrounding our lovely subjects. Let's just get rid of some of that excess image. Alright! The next thing you're gonna do is apply the packing tape. So, I'm just using regular packing tape that you can get at any kind of convenience store, from office supplies store. You can also use sheet laminate for this technique. So, if you're working with a larger image pick up some sheet laminate. It comes in a lot of different sizes and you can get it at craft stores. So, I'm just gonna start applying the strips of the packing tape and I'm just gonna lightly press down for right now. And since I'm gonna require at least 2 pieces for this, I wanna make sure that I overlap them so that our image doesn't fall apart later on. So, I'm just gonna overlap those pieces and then you wanna make sure that you don't have any air bubbles in there 'cause you want your transfer to be as complete as possible. So, I am going to use my burnisher to rub and make sure that it's really adhered well. You could use the back of your finger if you're doing a smaller image or the back of the spoon. I like to use the rounded part of a spoon so you don't have to have a burnisher. I have one handy and it just makes it really easy. So once I'm sure that I've all the air bubbles out, we are gonna get ready to do our transfer and for this you'll just need a basin of warm water. I like to work with warm water 'cause it does make the transfer happen a little bit sooner. So, and you can just go ahead and place your image in the warm water. You let it soak in there for 5, 10 minutes. It won't really hurt if it sits in there for a long time so let it soak until the paper starts to kind of easily rub off of the background. And you can see the white is just starting to come away from those images. This is one that's been sitting in here soaking for a little bit of time and I just get rid of the excess paper right in my water so that I can dump it really easily. I don't have a huge mess that I have to clean up. You should rub this away. You can even rub it right down in the water if you find that makes it easier. And you can see that parts of the image are starting to be revealed. It's all the pay off. I'm just gonna give it a little rub here. And that is it! Give it a little rinse and you can see you have a really cool see through version of your original image. So, to finish that off, I'm just gonna use the towel you kind of get to blot away the excess water. You don't want to put this on your project while it's still wet, at all, but once it has dried there's usually enough stickiness left in the tape to actually attach it to whatever project you're working on. But if there isn't, use a little bit of adhesive designed for to use with vellum or transparencies. So, it'll disappear when you put it on your project and let's just get rid of some of this excess packing tape around the edges here. Let's cut that away and I'm just gonna stick this down on a piece of card stacks. You can kind of see what the finish effect looks like. So, you get kind of really neat see-through image. If you use that card stack with texture, you'll be able to see that texture coming through. You can even change the tint of people's skin or how about a beautiful scenic by using a more vibrantly colored card stack and applying your image to that. I wanna show you something that I did on the original piece that I showed here. Again, I used some textured card stacks so you do see a little bit of that woven texture coming through the background, and then what I did is instead of just cutting out the image, I actually tore the edges so it gave it a kind of those more artsy effect around the whole piece. So, there you are, that's how simple it is to do a packing tape photo transfer. I hope you enjoyed the technique. I'm Melissa and thanks for watching.