Outline with chalk

Punch up plain chipboard with a dab of colorful chalk. It¿s a quick fix taught by Senior Associate Editor Katie Nugent.

Hi, I'm Katie Nugent, Senior Associate Editor at Scrapbooks Etc. Magazine, and today I'm gonna show you how to chalk. This fun technique can add just a little bit of color and emphasis to your designs. I think you're really gonna like it. When you use chalks, you have a number of applicator options. One of my favorites, is this tool that grabs a cotton swab to help you chalk. There are other ones available. Over here, I have some applicator tools that work as dabbers. It's spongy on the top, and will grab a lot of chalk and cover large areas. In addition, there's an applicator wand that looks just like the eyeshadow applicator you use in the morning. I also love these sticks that have the sponge at the end that work just like a crayon. We'll get back to those. First, I wanna show you how I did this "K", and I used this applicator wand 'cause it's one of my favorites. So we dip in your blue or whatever color you want, really chalking the edge of that cotton ball. Once you got that, you can just chalk the edges of your design, really adding that rich color, and then when you're done with this piece, all you have to do is squeeze and let go of that ball. It's a great inexpensive way to chalk without having to buy a lot of additional supplies. I'm gonna show you here how to use these sticks to add chalk to your designs. I'm gonna grab some red. Really getting the chalk on there, applying it all around and go back to my letter, and just rub it over the top. I just love how dramatic the difference is. It's really a great look. You can see that as I rub, it gets just a little bit lighter, a little bit less red, more pink. So, I'm gonna go back and get more red, and just continue this. Chalking offers you a diversity of options. You can add squiggly lines, just do outlines, or color a whole letter like I'm doing here, and if I continue this, you'd see the entire letter turning red. Again, I just love the effect. As you're wrapping up, you wanna just tap it on your scratch piece of paper, getting off all that extra chalk that you don't want. And there you have it. That's how easy chalking is. I think it'll help you add just a little bit of color and interest to your next project. I'm Katie. Thanks for watching.