Set an eyelet

Let Senior Associate Editor Katie Nugent turn you into an eyelet-setting pro with her handy tips for success.

Hi, I'm Katie Nugent, Senior Associate Editor at Scrapbooks Etc. Magazine. Today, I'm gonna teach you how to set an eyelet. This easy technique can be a little intimidating to beginners, but I'm gonna show you how 3 easy steps can help you set any eyelet on any page. When you buy eyelets, you'll get the eyelets themselves, which come in a number of colors and shapes, and you're also gonna have a number of options for eyelet setting tools. There are some that are spring loaded; these work great, and some that you apply pressure by pushing down, and again, any of these will work for your projects. You need to decide what works best for you. Today, I'm gonna show you however, an eyelet setting tool that comes as a long metal bar, an interchangeable heads, as well as a hammer. Ask your local scrapbooking store if you can try out the different options to see what works best in your scenario. I'm gonna take my piece of paper and put it on a self-healing mat. This will just help you not damage your work surface as you work. I'm gonna pick a head that matches the size of my eyelet itself. This will set my hole in my page. It doesn't matter if get the exact size of the eyelet, but again, a hole that's similar to the eyelet size is just gonna help you that little bit, and take the head and screw it in. These interchangeable heads are just great. As I said, if you pick the wrong one, you can always go back and pick a different one especially if you started too small, put this piece down on your paper exactly where you'd like the eyelet to show. I'm gonna go ahead and hammer it a few times. It's really easy, light pressure. Just give it a few taps, and there you have my hole. Now, I'm gonna take my eyelet and press it through here. I'm using this as the top of my scrapbook page. So keep that in mind as you work. You're gonna flip it over to the wrong side and you'll have the piece sticking out through the piece of paper. This is where we'll go back to those interchangeable heads. You wanna take off the one that set my hole, which often black, and pick a silver one. This has a pointed tip that will just help me to spread out the back of that eyelet, securing it to the page. Go ahead and screw that back in, and place it in the back of your eyelet, point side down. Now, holding the hammer again, you gotta be a little bit more assertive this time 'cause you're gonna break the back of the eyelet, and it's easier than it sounds. I tend to rotate the top of the eyelet setter just a little bit to go all the way around. That looks like I can get that just a little bit flatter. So, I'm gonna do it one more time. There we go. It's never gonna look just perfect, but again, since this is the back of your design, it can look however it needs to be. When you flip it over, there's your eyelet. It's secured to the page and it shows right through to the back of your design. You can set a few eyelets and weave ribbon through. Set charm through just the single one or leave it open just as is. It's a great and easy technique, and with the large available selection of eyelet sizes and colors, I think you're gonna find one that works well for you. So, hope you're just a little bit less intimidated the next time you think about setting eyelets. I'm Katie. Thanks for watching.