Resist-stamp designs

Stamp a design that resists any color you apply on top. It's easy and Contributing Editor Polly Maly will prove it.

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This segment is brought to you by Gel-a-tins and Ranger. Hi, my name is Polly Maly, and I'm a contributing editor with Scrapbooks Etc. Magazine. Welcome to my scrap room. I've got a vibrant technique to share with you today called resist stamping. Resist stamping is actually creating an image that resists the color applied to it. Now, normally with stamping, you're adding color, but in this case, you actually appear to be taking it away, and the color is all around the image. Most importantly, I'm gonna be using some clear stamps. You can certainly use rubber stamps or other kinds of stamps with this technique, but the clear stamps give you the added advantage of being able to see through the stamp as well as the acrylic mount, and that gives you perfect placement on your card or your project. I'm also gonna be using a stamp pad, an embossing gun, and a product called Perfect Medium. I'll also be using a brayer to apply the ink. We're gonna make a card today, and I'm gonna start by peeling off my clear stamp, putting it on the end of my block. Now Perfect Medium is sort of a tacky substance that will resist the ink that I put over it, but you can also use a clear embossing powder melted over a clear embossing ink, and that will give you the same effect. So I'll start by pressing my stamp into the medium, and make sure that it's all over the surface of the stamp and I'm gonna just press down on your card. It's gonna be tough to see where I stamped right now, but it will pop out shortly. Now I'm going to use, use this ring of dots. I always think that's a fun image. And I'll put that on the other side. Alright, now just for fun because I like to work in 3s, I'm gonna put one more circle on there. Gonna use this circle. Another reason why I like clear stamps is you can easily shape the stamps. Here we go. Now we've got a perfect circle. I'll press that into the medium one more time. We're actually gonna have that sort of running off the edge of the stamp. To make sure that the medium is actually going to resist the ink, I'm gonna dry it with an embossing gun. I'm just gonna turn it on and use that for just a few seconds, maybe about 15 seconds, and you can see as it dries, the image actually becomes a little more intense and pops out. That's easy. Okay, now I'm gonna use a brayer. I like this big rainbow pad. The color actually shifts along the pad. I'll ink that up. And then, I think I'll go up and down, just run that color. Isn't that beautiful? Can you see how that's popping out? And I can actually just run that all across, and then I'm going to use a paper towel and wipe off the excess ink. The results are beautiful and it just looks like a real, nice, smooth finish. Here's a tag that was created with the same technique, and just to have that pop out where the rhinestones were applied to the circles, and some ribbons were added to the top. I hope you had fun playing with resist stamping. The results are show stopping. I'm Polly, thanks for watching.