Use masking fluid

Change backgrounds from drab to fab with masking fluid topped with ink. Deputy Editor Michelle Rubin demos the cool results.

Hi! My name is Michelle Rubin, and I'm deputy editor of Scrapbooks Etc. magazine. Today, I'm gonna show you how to use masking fluid to make cool designs on your backgrounds. Much like Irma Gabbard did here, she masked off this squares, the white portion, and then put ink, the yellow portion, over it to make this cool. So, let's get started. First, I'm gonna tell you a little bit about your materials. We used water color paper because it doesn't warp with wet materials such as the masking fluid. We also want a paintbrush, a stenciling brush, the masking fluid, and some ink. First thing I'm gonna do is take my little square of water color paper and the masking fluid. You wanna shake up the masking fluid. Mix it all up a little bit and take your paint brush. Put a little bit of masking fluid on it. You wanna try not to get too many of the bubbles from shaking it up because that will affect your design, and then, you just wanna brush the masking fluid onto your water color paper, and you can make whatever design you like if you can write your name with the brush. You can put squares, circles, whatever freehand doodling you wanna do. So, you wanna set it aside to dry like I did with this one, and you wanna take your ink. Once the masking fluid is fully dry, you wanna take your ink and your stenciling brush and just dab it on the ink pad and then dab it on you paper. Make sure you have some scrap paper underneath so you don't get ink all over your table, and just cover your design. Go right over the masking fluid. Then, when you finish the whole design and set it aside to dry a little bit. When it is all dry, this is what it will look like, and then, all you have to do to get the masking fluid off is to rub it. You can take an eraser if you like, but really your fingers work. It's a lot like rubber cement, so you just get a little bit up, and once you start getting it off, it'll just peel right off. So, you can see where I brushed it on there. Voila! One more tip for when you're working with masking fluid. Don't let is sit too long while it's drying. You don't want it to sit more than 10 or 20 minutes or it might pull off the paper when you peel it off. That's how you work with masking fluid. I'm Michelle. Thanks for watching.