At a Scrapbooks etc. photo shoot

Follow along with Senior Associate Editor Katie Nugent as she reveals the secrets of a Scrapbooks etc. photo shoot.

Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes of the Scrapbook Etc. photo shoot? Follow along with me, senior associate editor, Katie Nugent, to discover the tricks and trials of making layouts look their very best. Before we even get to a shoot, we selected layouts, picked backdrops, and purchased props. On the day of the shoot, we load up the layouts and pizza boxes. Well, okay, not literally pizza boxes, but they looked like it. We drive them to the studios of one of our many contributing photographers. Relaxed, get laid flat and the camera is manned in about 2 feet above them. We shift layouts in and out of the flat shooting area, documenting each one on the form we'll to retrieve the images later. The average magazine issue involves 5 days of photography. Each shot has to get the thumbs up from the editor, designer, and photographer. The editor wants to make sure the visuals fit the story. The designer wants to make sure text will on the magazine page, and that she's got enough room to crop in later. And the photographer has got down the technical aspects; good lighting, sharp focus, and the right angle. Every photo is truly a group effort. Then, there's modeling. We're most likely to use fellow staffers. They are cheaper than real models, but our local modeling agency helps us out when we need someone with experience. At the shoot, a professional hair and makeup artist set off to the side, bringing hundreds of dollars worth of makeup with her. It can take about 45 minutes to do makeup and 25 or so for hair. Check out all the stuff we need around for model shoots. Wardrobe options and props are spread out so we can see all we've got to perfect each photo. We have dozens of extra options just incase the green shirt we picked out doesn't look quite as good on camera as it did on the rack. So what does it all add up to? A magazine's bright colorful photography, put together by people who love what they're doing. Thanks for joining us on this trip behind the scenes.