Apply a rub-on

Add impact to any design with easy-to-use rub-on transfers. Senior Associate Editor Katie Nugent shows you why they're one of her favorite products.

Hi! I'm Kaite Nugent, senior associate editor at Scrapbooks Etc. Magazine. Today, I'm gonna teach you how to apply rub-ons. Rub-ons are available in so many different words, shapes, colors, and sizes that I think you're gonna find a use for almost any project you do. When you by a rub-on, it comes in a package like this. You're gonna get a backing sheet as well as the rub-on itself, and you often get tools with it that can be as simple as a popsicle stick or a little plastic wand. We're gonna talk about those later. The key to using rub-ons is keeping the backing intact. Once you pulled it out and you have these 2 pieces, you can pick what word you like to use. I'm gonna go ahead and cut out this love one. And again, keeping the 2 pieces together, I just cut around the word. You don't have to be careful about it. All you see is the word itself so I can leave lots of extra space. Once I've done that, I take my piece of paper, and this is the first time I'm gonna separate the 2 pieces. You can lay that anywhere you want on your page. That's the great part about rub-ons. Give it a little burnish with your finger just to keep it stuck. And then grab your popsicle stick and apply even pressure over the entire word. I tend to lose this popsicle sticks, and I've found that you can use the backs of scissors, you can use your finger, you can use any real soft object just to give it an even application of pressure. Now, as I rub, you can kinda see when you're up close that the color changes. It fades to the back just a little bit. But if you ever have a question as to whether or not it has rubbed, simply hold a piece of it while lifting up corner. This looks pretty good. It looks I got the L and the O. And as I reveal it, if I continue to hold on to that piece, I'm gonna make sure I've applied it all. If I'd missed any, I can go ahead and rub back over the top and that's it. It's all there is to applying a rub-on. It's such a simple, easy application to your pages. It's one I use again and again. So I hope you just a little bit less intimidated the next time you decided to use rub-ons on your pages. I'm Katie. Thanks for watching.