Line up your letter stamps

Got a pen and ruler? You, too, can have evenly spaced stamps. Watch this segment to see Contributing Editor Polly Maly's clever technique.

This segment is brought to you by Gel-A-Tins and Ranger. Hi, my name is Polly Maly, and I'm a contributing editor with Scrapbooks Etc. Magazine. Welcome to scrap room. Now, whether you're stamping a title on a scrapbook page or a message on a card, or accent, it can be a little tricky sometimes to get your letters all line up, but I'm gonna show you a technique today that will get your letters to behave. All you need is a ruler and pencil with an eraser. Now, I'm gonna use clear stamps today, which makes your placement even easier because you can see right through the stamp and the acrylic block that you're using, and here's what I'm gonna do. On my tag, I'm just gonna draw a straight line, and of course, any ruler will work, but I also like using a clear ruler. Make sure your line is light so that it's easy to erase. You wanna start by stamping this rose color, and just set your letter right on the line, rock it back and forth just gently so that all the ink is transferred on to your tag. Now, for a little variety, I'm just gonna choose a different color. Press your stamp and line it up right on that pencil mark. Super easy, and then for one more variety of color, choose a different green, and again, just set it right on that line. Easy and fun. Now, I'm using dye ink today. So, that's gonna dry very quickly and I can just easily erase that line. No problem at all. My letters are perfectly spaced and straight as an arrow. Here's a tag that we've used to show how you can also use the bottom of your paper to line up your letters. Getting your letters all lined up is no problem. A pencil, eraser, and a ruler, and you're good to go. I'm Polly. Thanks for watching.