Tour Shannon Zickel's scraproom

Check out designer Shannon Zickel's clever, function scraproom filled with ideas for stashing everything from albums to accents.

Hey! Welcome to My Space. Oh wait, I really should start by introducing myself. I am [unk], a 2007 Creative Team member for Better Homes and Gardens Scrapbooks, Etc. Come on in and take a look at My Space. My studio is a bedroom on the 2nd floor of our house. This is the view when standing in the doorway to the room. You will see 2 common themes as we hang out in my room. First, I like to find practical and inexpensive solutions for storage. Second, I like to store things so that they are easy to get to and to rummage through. I love my work table. Not only do I love the work surface, but the shelves below are great for all kinds of storage and I don't even have to get up out of my chair to get to them. As much as I love my work table, it doesn't begin to compare to the love I have for my massive unit my amazing husband made for me. It started with 2 inexpensive shoveling units. They are placed on each side of a large piece of sheet metal simply framed out with baseboard molding. A computer desk is made by using a white 2-drawer file cabinet, a computer tower, and a large sheet of melamine framing the 2 to create the desk. Finally, it would be topped off with [unk] cubby made of melamine along with crown molding and trim to finish it off. The total cost was under $200. Here's a close-up shot of my computer work area and magnet board. Not only do I keep random embellishments in the spice containers on the board, but I also keep my calendar, various pieces of inspiration, photos I love, recent layouts, and notes, scribbles, and drawings of all the brilliant ideas I have. I try hard not to overload myself with too much paper since to be honest, I don't use a ton of it on my layout. I store my 812 x 11 paper in a simple office paper filing tray sorted by color. Below that, I store my pattern paper in Cropper Hopper 12 x 12 storage. If you don't know, I'm addicted to hand journaling on my pages. And the key to keeping your pens in great shape is storing them horizontally. I was able to get my hands on a display shelf from American Crafts Pens and this is the perfect solution for my pen storage. As for the rest of my storage, it is all about bins, baskets, and boxes. Up on the very top of my storage unit, I have these fun little red suitcases. Open them up and you will find more [unk]. Then there's my basket of adhesive. When I'm hard at work, this comes down and is sitting right by me. Below that, more cardboard storage containers that hold stamps, ink sets, clipboard, and other embellishments. Another item I see [unk] that I love using for storage are these black wooden CD boxes. This one holds some additional spools of ribbon. Speaking of ribbon, here you see my ribbon scratch chart for those smaller pieces or end-of-the-roll leftovers. Over on top of the CD case, you'll see how I store my brands, another staple of my scrapbooking craft. Now this is my favorite storage item in my room. It's a little bread basket I found at Target that holds all of my favorite things, things I want to use on just about every layout, things I don't wanna forget I have, things I use all the time. This is always sitting on the corner of my desk. Another inexpensive item in my room is my photo wall. These frames are found in the dollar bin at Target. They were a light wood color that I spray painted black to fit in with my decor. So for a total of $11 including the spray paint, I got a great wallfull of favorite family pictures. And finally, there's the chair. I love this chair. This chair is most often occupied by my boys, sitting and playing Nintendo DS or watching their TV across the room. I love having them there while I'm working. Well, that's it. Thanks for hanging out with me and My Space. Hey! Are they gone yet? Great! Now I can get back to work and stop being all neat and tidy.