Easy Stamp Press

Fiskars Easy Stamp Press

Make stamping multiple images over and over a breeze with the Fiskars Easy Stamp Press. Scrapbooks etc. Deputy Editor Michelle Rubin points out the features of this cool gadget and shows you just how easy it is to use.

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Hi! My name is Michelle Rubin, and I'm deputy editor of Scrapbooks Etc. Magazine. Today, I'm gonna tell you a little bit about a cool tool called the stamp press from Fiskars. It's really great because you can take whatever clear stamps you may have, line them up on the stamp press and then stamp your designs. The Fiskars Easy Stamp Press is great because it has 2 components. There's this one has the nice grid that you can put your stamps on and then the cute little feet that squish. So then there's also this component where you put your clear stamps on and you can see, I've already started the design, and you wanna flip it over and each lining up your stamps, the grid makes it really nice and easy to get them all straight. Then you take your ink. Ink up all of your design. Make sure you got ink over all of your design; you don't wanna miss out on anything. Take your piece of paper. Now, I'm not squishing yet because I haven't gotten the papers adjusted yet. You line up right over the paper, nice even squish. Make sure you got pressure all over and voila! The other great thing about the Fiskars Stamp Press is that because these plates pop out. You can get your design all lined up, set it aside. Fiskars does sell extra plate, so you could work on a different project then come back to this one and you don't have to line it all up again. So that's the Fiskars Easy Stamp Press in action. I'm Michelle. Thanks for watching.