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This segment is brought to you by Scrapbook Adhesives. Hi, I'm Janna Wilson, member of the 2007 Scrapbook Etc. Creative Team. Today, I want to show with you some of our favorite adhesive choices and tell you a little bit about their applications. Choosing the right adhesive can help you out of a sticky situation. The most important thing to remember when purchasing adhesives is to look for items labeled scrapbook safe. Let me show you what I have here today. Let's start with basic glue stick. You can find the glue stick just about anywhere for $1 to $2. This glue is a dry adhesive that you are going to just rub on to your project. It's best used on paper, but you can't use it on photos as well. The advantages of a glue stick are that they're inexpensive and they're to use. However, they can't tend to work with thin papers. So, be careful. Remember always to look for glue sticks that are acid free or scrapbook safe. They are great options for most applications. Another popular adhesive choice is tape runners. Tape runners are basically double-sided tape loaded on to a dispenser. You just apply by pressing and rolling it against the papers, and they come in re-positionable and permanent tops so that's a nice option for everybody. One advantage is that some dispensers are actually refillables so that makes it an inexpensive choice. However, better watch out for these guys because they'll gum up. You can't go wrong with the tape runner. Photo corners are double-sided adhesive that are usually applied by hand. A lot of brands will come in a box, something like this and you simply just pull on this little backing, pull the tab away, and you can add it to your project. The only disadvantage is that these are sometimes slow because you're pulling away all this little pieces of backing, but they are great option for photos. It's as easy as that. Foam adhesives are one of my favorite things. They are a great way to add dimension and depth to you projects. These are usually applied by hand and basically they're just foam with adhesive on both sides. All you have to do to apply them is just to take off the backing, add it to your project, and then I got this one down already so I'm just gonna just peel away the backing, it's ready to go! Foam adhesives are great for accents and embellishments. They usually come in a standard size and range approximately $2 to $6. It's a great way to add a fun 3D look to your pages. If you need a super sticky solution for adhering accents and embellishments, then you wanna get hold of some adhesive dots. These are usually dispensed from a row and applied by hand. They're very simply to use. What you wanna do is actually place your element to the glue and pull it right away, and you add it to your project. Once, you item is adhered, don't plan on moving it 'cause it's there to stay. Adhesive dots are reasonably priced with a variety of applications. Liquid glue sometimes called the wet adhesives is a great option for adhering small items such beads and glitter. They usually come in a variety of different containers, spray adhesives, bottles, and even pens. They're easy to use and offer a strong hold. These are usually messy and not suitable for photos, but wet adhesives are a must-have for every scrapbooker. I hope you found a little bit all these different kinds of adhesives. Just remember scrapbook safe is the way to go. I'm Janna thanks for watching. This segment is brought to you by Scrapbook Adhesives.