Removing Wallpaper

Danny Lipford: Tips to cover or remove wallpaper.

A real common thing I hear from a lot of homeowners is, Hey! I just recently purchased the house and I don't have any idea what to do with the awful wallpaper that I inherited in this home. Well, it's a common problem and I've never seen anybody that purchased the house and walk in and go, Boy, I love all the wallpapers so, and also most people just like to have a painted wall because it's easier to change from time to time and they tend not to get tired of it as much, and it makes the room feel a little more spacious than a heavily patterned wallpaper. Well, here's a couple of things you can do. One, you can paint right over the wallpaper, if it's really stuck to the wall well and it's not a vinyl papered. That's what the homeowners did in this room, and they did a fairly good job even though you can see a scene here and there to catch the light just right, but really the best way to change a wallpapered room to a painted room is to remove the paper. And there are some great solutions out there to do just that. I like to mix the solution with warm water and a pump-up sprayer, but before I apply it to the wall, I split the paper with a utility knife. These horizontal cuts every few inches to allow the wallpaper remover to soak behind the paper as it runs down the wall. Then after it's soaked in for several minutes, you can begin peeling back the paper with a drywall knife, and you wanna be real careful not to gauge the drywalls; so, be real patient. It's not uncommon for the top layer to come off and leave the backing Attached; so, just wet it down again and the backing will peel right off. With a little time, patience, and effort, the walls are clean and ready for whatever comes next.