Installing a Chandelier and Dimmer Switch

Danny Lipford: How To Install a Chandelier and Dimmer Switch.

Most people are a little scared when it comes to electrical work, but this is about as easy of an electrical project as you can do. Of course, first thing you need to do is to turn the power off at the breaker box, not just the switch. Once the power is off, then you can remove the fixture very safely. Now the fixture we had here wasn't necessarily ugly, but just kind of inappropriate for a small dining room like this, so we took the globe off, the bulb off, and removed the fixture, and like so many times when you're doing a little remodelling project, you find something that you didn't wanna find; well, we had no idea that under the fixture, that the ceiling would be unfinished, but why don't we turn it into a positive by installing a ceiling medallion that will make it look even nicer than we had imagined. A crucial part of assembling a chandelier is determining the right length to the support chain. The supply wire will be a bit longer. In this case, after we thread on the fixture's trim ring, we'll add the ceiling medallion tube before we connect the whole thing to the electrical bulbs with the Faraday tube. The electrical connections are made next using wire nuts before the medallion and then the trim ring will be pushed up to the ceiling. A lug nut threads on to hold them in place and the chain hook goes on just below there. A perfect complement to a chandelier is a dimmer switch, so we're installing one here while we still have all the power turned off, but be sure that you select a dimmer with enough capacity for the fixture you're installing. The directions on these things, they're pretty clear about how to hook them up, but often the challenge is stuffing the device and all the wires back in to the electrical box. Well, this is a perfect room for a dimmer. You know, after you've had dinner, maybe to turn the lights down a little bit, but there are other areas in the house that also can benefit by having a dimmer in the room. You know, your bedroom, or your family room, or maybe have a whirlpool tub in your bathroom; you wanna turn the lights down a little bit. Anyway, you see how