Closet Shelving

Increase Your Closet's Storage Space This Afternoon.

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Now the shelving we'll be putting in, first of all, the original shelf will put that back in place. We'll have to add a little 1 x 2 cleat on the back of it for a little extra support because some of the things that you store in a home office can be fairly heavy like the big packs of paper. Also, we'll be dropping down just above where we'll put our file cabinet, put another shelf in, then divide the space up for the next shelf. This will provide over 18 feet of shelving. We begin by measuring the closet carefully so that we can make accurate cuts on our shelf board and cleat materials. The cleats are 1 x 2's and the shelves are 1 x 12 composite shelving. Priming and painting these components outside will save time and a mess. We'd layout the location of the cleats with a tape measure and a level, then mark the locations of all of the studs, so we can firmly secure the cleats before putting in the shelf boards to complete the storage area. Well, this was a fairly easy project. It certainly made a difference to how this closet will be used. Fortunately, using our electronics stud finder enabled us to hit exactly on the studs, nail into it with our cleats, so we know that all the shelves will be supported well. Now, if you had a situation where you really wanted to beef some shelves up some more, you could use an angle bracket. It's available at the home center that can attach right mid-span and support the shelf or, if you have some of the wood left over, like this 1 x 2, you can put it right on the front, like this, running all the way across and that will also provide the support, but for what this homeowner's needs, I said, this is perfect!