Building Exterior Steps

Step-By-Step Instructions for DIY Steps.

Now, we wanna concentrate on building the steps that will take you from this level down to this level. Greg is gonna help us out today. Now, I tell you building steps used to be a very intimidating thing, but now, with the precut step stringers like this, it's made a lot easier. With again by measuring the width of the opening and cutting the tread to 2 x 4 to serves as an anchor for the steps. We drill through it and into the bricks so that we can attach it with masonry screws. On each end, we now wanted the stringers. We cut an inch and a half of the top of the remaining 3 stringers and toenail them into the 2 x 4 at 16-inch intervals, a 1 x 8 nail across the front. Hold it altogether so that we can again put on the treads, in this case, 5/4 x 6-inch deck boards butted up against each other and overhanging the ends slightly. The risers are cut from the 1 x 8 stock to cover the remaining vertical openings, and our stairs are done. Oh, our steps just turned out perfect and I'm glad that we made them as wide as we did the full width of the double doors, and instead of just 3 footsteps, I can see so many times. This looks better plus a little bit of extra CD, and might be a perfect place for a few pot of plants after the patio is all complete.