Bathroom Remodel

Danny Lipford: Bathroom Remodel.

Major bathroom model, which usually involves completely gutting the bathroom. All fixtures has been removed and then an upgrade on the overall look of the bathroom like we've done here as well as many times people are looking for a little extra space in order to make the bathroom besides they really want. We were able to get that extra space here by encroaching into an existing area and clinging in area of 4 foot by 12 foot to expand this shower and the closet right beside it. Of course, a successful major bathroom model involves a lot more than just selecting pretty fixtures. The desire to get rid of the old-dated fixtures usually brings on these projects. Creating a layout to maximize the available space is where the challenge lies. In doing that, some relocation or addition of plumbing line is inevitable, which isn't cheap, so planning to minimize it will help you to control the budget. Hiring a professional designer or architect for a major bathroom model is often a good investment because they understand these issues and can create a design that addresses them as well as your desire for a larger, more modern bathroom.