Paint Wood Paneling

Danny Lipford: How to paint wood paneling.

Once you got passed that, this is where a lot of the work comes in, this old paneling from the '70s here. A lot of people are considering painting paneling in their own house. Give us some tips on how to do it right. Sure. The first thing I'll do is wipe it clean. Uhuhm. Come back and putty all the nail holes. Caulk any kind of cracks. Right. Uhuh. Use a 100-grit sandpaper to rough the surface up. Well, instead of smoothing with the sandpaper, you're actually kinda roughing it up so that you get that adhesion that you need. Exactly. And what I'm using here is a tinted 100% acrylic latex primer. Okay. And that will bond to the sanded paneling. And then, it'll be ready for the finish coat. Finish coat. Well, I'll tell you that primer tainting it a little bit like that really does make a difference in terms of having that finish coat covered up very well. I know that's a great tip to go with, but I know that after you do all of that, you still have kind of a different approach on the trim. That's correct. Basically, what I'll do on that to prep it, same thing, sand it down. Uhuhm. Caulk, putty, and then, in this case, the homeowner wants oil-based finish coat. Uhuh. I'll go with an oil-based primer and then put 2 coats of oil-based finish coat on. I see. That should really produce a pretty high gloss and if you're using oil on all of that.