Indirect Heat

Go beyond the basics and turn your grill into an outodoor oven. With our tips and tricks for indirect grilling, you’ll learn how to make briskets, roasts, whole chickens, and more.

Hey, Charlie Worthington here. Most people wouldn't think of putting a piece of meat this big on the grill, but with indirect grilling, you can do it any time you want. The method in indirect grilling is right there in the name, "direct grilling". You're grilling with indirect heat, so you don't want the heat right under the meat or whatever that is that you're cooking. So you make a ring of briquettes and then you put a drip pan in and then you put some water on that. The moisture is gonna keep the heat consistent and keep moisture inside of the grill, keep your meat, and whatever you're cooking moist. Another way of doing it for smaller pieces of meat like chicken breasts, I've got some stuffed peppers I'm gonna cook. This would take all your coals and bring them to the center of the grill, and this is called the bull's eye. Few last stragglers. That's good. So then you put your grill on. I'm gonna take our-- not our briquette tongs, but our food tongs and place these peppers around the edge. So they're gonna cook and they're gonna get that smoky flavor, but they're not gonna get burned on the bottom before they're cooked through. It's almost like cooking in an oven, but getting again that grilled flavor. Okay, the other thing about indirect grilling on a briquette fire is that---- it's gonna cook for a longer period of time, especially if it's a large piece of meat like a brisket or pork roast. So, you may have to add some briquettes, when you add the briquettes make sure that you open up the vents on the top of the grill because they need to get started and without oxygen they're not gonna get started and catch up with the others. You can also do grilling, indirect grilling on a gas grill. Let me show you that over here. On a gas grill, you've got burners that have controls and basically what you do is you turn off two of the burners and put your meat where the fire is not hot. So, I'm gonna take our pork and we lay it in front. Still a bit hot, but the grill is hot, but the heat is really coming from the back burners. And then again, you're gonna close it and you're just gonna make sure it doesn't get too hot by watching the temperature on the outside of the grill. Come back and you've got a roasted pork.