Great Burgers

Get this summer favorite right every time. From picking the meat to cooking it just right, learn how to become a burger-making pro.

-Charlie Worthington here, ultimate grill skill, a great burger. I'm gonna give you some tips to get there. Let's start with the beef. You want beef that's about 80% to 90% lean. If you go too lean, you're gonna get a dry burger. If you go not lean enough, you're gonna get a burger that shrink. You [unk] up the 25% of your product and you're also gonna get a lot of flare up in the grill. Couple of tips about making the burger, after you formed the burger about 1/2 inch, 3/4-inch thick, you wanna press down the center, so you're getting sort of a divot so that when the burger cooks, it puffs up. Instead of getting around to top, you're gonna get a more flat more burger. A little tip I always use, take some wax paper squares, put the burgers on them. When you go to put them on the grill, you just flip them and peel it away. I you are having a party with a lot of people, you ca stock them up to save spaces in the refrigerator. So let's get the grill ready. We preheat it to medium heat. Let's give it a quick little brush to make we've got it clean, little spray some grill spray, and then again like I said, you just take your burger on you your wax paper, you flip and you peel it right off. Hey, now, here's the important part. Resist the urge to flip it too soon. You'll tear it from the grill. You wanna make sure you get a nice brown sheath, nice crispy bottom; and resist the urge to press, you're gonna pressure out all the juices. Let's give a little seasoning, and we're gonna cool this up and let it cook for a while, and we will come back and give it a turn. Alright, it's been about 4 or 5 minutes. We can give this a turn. Looking good. We're gonna cook them for about another 4 or 5 minutes, [unk] for about 10 minutes [unk] for about a half inch burger. That's the browning I was talking about, so it doesn't stick to your grill. You wanna get that nice sheath of brown. Close that up. Cook it for little bit more. These are ready to go. Oh, those look delicious. You put cheese on them now. If you wanted the cheeseburger close to grill about a minute until it melts, we are gonna right to the bottom of this line. That is a great burger.