Grilling Veggies

Grilled veggies make a great side dish. Learn how to grill your favorites to perfection every time.

Hey. Charlie Worthington here. Nothing like fresh veggies. Let me show you how to get them on the grill. You've already got the grill going. So, why heat up the house with-- for some side dishes? Let's show you some ways to grill veggies a couple of ways. First of all, cut them large enough so they don't fall through the grate. And then, you just scroll them up like these zucchinis. They have been cooking for a little bit, far ready to turn. Oh, look at those grill marks. Oh, baby. Okay. Another great way is if you cut them small and you make them all the same size. Get some peppers, spread onions, asparagus, season them up, a little bit of olive oil, and then use one of these great grill pans, come grill wok Celso. Just throw your veggies in there, and then as they're cooking, you just wanna give them a toss every once in a while. Let them cook for a little bit, give them another toss. One other great way to cook veggies on the grill is an aluminum packet. I've got some green beans and some mushrooms here. We're just gonna season them up with some olive oil, you could put some herbs in there, any vegetable. It's gonna be about 10 to 12 minutes on these green beans. It depends on the veggie you're using. Pepper. Fold up your aluminum packet. You wanna leave a little bit of room inside for the steam to collect. Ready to go on the grill. Just throw that pack there, gonna give these another toss. Toss if you walk in here, baby. Nothing like walking on the grill. And although you're really sort of woking, you're also getting that smoky flavor from the grill on the veggies. And these zucchini look like they're just about done. And a great thing on these gas grills, they have these upper level. So, when things get done, you wanna take them off the heat, you just put them up above, like that. That one looks done. Look at that. Just hold those. If they get going too much, you can always take them off and cover them with a little bit of foil. Ready to go. Got these green beans. Let's open this packet up. Be careful. It's a lot of steam coming out of there. Oh, baby. And you're good to go. Another great vegetable to do on the grill, corn on the cob. No need to shuck it, just take it and soak it on water for about 30 minutes to an hour. Don't even take the silk off. Just take it, put it on the grill. Again, soaking it in water keeps the outsides from burning. Takes about 20, 25 minutes, medium heat. Close it up, come back and turn them a few times during the cooking. Ready to go. This has been on for about 20, 25 minutes. They're looking good. Don't worry about the charring. The husk protects the corn on the inside. Normally, you would let these cool until they're ready to handle. I'm just gonna fold it in the towel. Give you a look that lets you see. You have beautiful corn in there, no burn. Husk has protected it. Corn in the grill doesn't get any better than that.