Grilling Tools

Learn how to become a better griller just by using a few inexpensive grilling tools and easy-to-follow techniques.

-Hey, Charlie Worthington here. You think you know a lot gizmos and gadgets to get grilling? Think again. It'd be great to have a lot of tools to grill but don't let that stop you. You'll only need a couple of things to grill with. First thing you really need is a good grill brush. You wanna get all those little chunkies off the grill. You don't want them sticking to your food, getting in your burger. Second thing you really need is a pair of tongs. It's an extension of your hand, keeps you away from the fire. It's great for turning big things like ribs. You can use it for pork chops, great to get in there, again, keep you away from the heat. Second pair of tongs is a good idea. Use the ones for food and then keep another set which are just for your briquettes. That way, you don't get that ash or any of the coals into your food. The next thing that's a good thing to have is a good, flat, wide spatula with a long handle. It's great for getting on the burgers, perfect, and when you're turning fish, again things that are soft for the first turn before they firm up, it's great get under there to make sure they don't stick to the grill. Another couple of good things that you wanna get to the next level: a grill tray, vegetable tray, grill basket. It's great for cooking vegetables. Just things like asparagus and green onions, and even onions when they start to cook and fall apart, they'll fall through your grill. So, and the other great thing to do is use both of these in tandem. Slide your, underneath, just grab with your tongs, move everything over at once. Here you go. Then you don't have them falling through the grill. One of thing which is a really good thing to get, if you start grilling a lot, especially for indirect grilling, is an instant-read thermometer. Large pieces of meat, you gonna make sure you get them into the right temperature. There're ones that are actual tongs. You can get just plain instant-read thermometer to stick in to the meat. A couple of other things which are not tools but are great to keep around on the side are a spray for greasing the grill. You don't want things to stick. And the other item is aluminum foil. It's great for tenting things. Sometimes the grill, some things get done before the other things. You wanna put them off the side, keep them warm. You wanna rest your meat while you're finishing up your vegetables. That's a great thing. You'll also, if you have things that are delicate, you can make a nice packet, vegetables, pre-cooked potatoes, throw those on the grill. Basically, you got your whole meal right there on the grill.