Grilling Fish

Follow our easy techniques and tips for perfectly cooked fish that doesn't stick to the grill.

-Charlie Worthington here. Don't let grilling fish scare you. It's simple and I'll show you how. Who cooked this? -Grilling fish. First things first, you wanna preheat your grill to medium heat about 8 to 10 minutes. We've already done that. You wanna brush it clean. These salmon steaks have been on cooking. It's about 4 to 6 minutes per half inch. These again are steaks. Those are one of the better cuts for grilling. They're cut cross grain. They hold together a little bit better. They don't flake apart as much. These are the skin that holds them together. We're gonna throw on how fillets on as well. Before we do that, we're gonna spritz the grill. -You can brush it with a little bit of oil. Use a grill spray. The fillets are a little bit more tricky because, again, they have a tendency to flake apart a bit, but if you leave them, don't let them sit, don't turn in too quickly. These salmon steaks have been on long enough. We're gonna take them off. Again, remember, never take your meat off and put it on to a platter that you've taken raw fish off of. So, these are ready to go. -Take those off to the side. So, again, you wanna let these cook, again, half an inch, 4 to 6 minutes. If you're intimidated by the fillets and you wanna make sure that they don't flake apart, you can use one of this. It's a grill basket. You just open it up. You put your fish in. Close it up. Slide the handle and you just put it on the grill and you cook your fish in it just like you would on the grill. You just use this to turn it. You're never gonna have a problem with that. I'm gonna show you how to cook some fish on a packet. Get yourself outside. Still out the grill. -It's more of a steaming/poaching. I've got some fish here. I've seasoned it with some cracked pepper. I'm gonna put some lemon slices on here. You can season it with whatever you want. I've got some time for the garden. Lay those on here. Then you could use parsley, you could use tarragon, you could use dill. And, this is also good to go. Wrap this up. It's gonna take, again, about 12 minutes on this. It's gonna depend on the thickness of the fish. You wanna leave a little bit of air space in there for the steam to collect, and you take this packet, and you just gonna take it. [unk] right in your grill. I'm gonna close this up and let this fish cook for a little bit long. Then, we'll come back and give it a turn. These have been turned. They've been on for about the right amount of time. You wanna do a check on them now because there's nothing worse than overcooked fish. You can always put it back on the grill. Take it off when you think it's done. You take a knife. This is starting to flake. This is done perfectly. I'm gonna take this off. -It's flaking. It's falling apart. There you go, perfectly cooked fish, packets got a few more minutes. Now, that you know how to cook fish, don't be chicken.