Wayward Wreaths

Make an eco-friendly style statement with your holiday décor! Create a gorgeous holiday wreath with secondhand stuff and flea market finds!

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-Let's be organic, you know, it's not about being perfect, it's about keeping it real, you know, doing what we can in small manageable ways inspiring people to make an effort, to be contentious and resourceful. For more information go to Original [unk] for the holidays are easy and inexpensive to create yourself. You need an empty frame, any shape, any size. Can use picture frames or create your own using scrap lumber. Gather up some greenery from the yard or nursery and select different varieties to mix up the textures and shades of green. Create manageable foam bundles that will cover the width of your frame. Do up several bundles to get you started. Using a high-temp [unk] glue, start at the top of the frame in one corner allowing the full end to fall over the edge of the frame and secure. Continue adding your bundles offsetting each one slightly. Don't worry about any bare spots, you can always go back in a [unk]. Do one side and then the opposite side. Alternate the direction of your bundles for the final 2 sides. Finish off with embellishments of your choice. Natural additions like dried elements and driftwood always look great. Beautiful [unk] you created yourself can be yours for a very little money and very little time, cheers. -Bless my soul, bless my soul, bless my soul, bless my soul, bless my soul.