Easy Concrete Garden Art

Learn how to make garden artwork using only an inexpensive bag of concrete and some creativity. Great for kids and grown-ups!

-An inexpensive bag of cement mix can shape up to be a lot of fun for kids and grownups alike to create garden art, paperweights, and primitive tabletop decor. You need an inexpensive bag of sand mix. Throw in some rubber gloves and pour some dry mix into a shallow tub. Add enough water to get the consistency similar to cookie dough. You wanna be able to mold it and shape it, so you don't want it to runny. Work on a plastic cutting board that you'd spray with nonstick cooking spray and start creating your shapes. You can add found objects, natural elements, or lettering and design. You can even create holes, so you can later install on post or branches. Leave them natural, paint them up, use your imagination and have fun. I feel it now. Feel it coming down. Feel it coming down. Feel it coming down. Feel it coming down.