Unconventional Painting Tools

Why spend big bucks on tools for your next paint treatment? Michele Beschen proves you can use things you have around the house to get creative results.

Mix up your painting style and techniques by introducing a few new unconventional tools with which to apply the paint and move it around. You'll find things to use in the kitchen, the garage, even the bathroom. A few to get you started include the squeegee, the beautiful way to create an interesting stripping effect and mixing of colors. Plungers, bath sponges and assortment of brushes are also worth a try. The patterns and textures are one of kind. Cake decorating supplies, never disappoint; the paint is your frosting, spread it, pipe it, lay it on thick. You can use spatulas, old credit cards and miscellaneous items from the junk drawer. Use branches as your handles and add your own bristles using natural elements or recyclables and don't be afraid to alter your brushes to achieve different strokes; band them off or trim them to suit. Experiment, discover, and enjoy. Painting is colorful, rewarding exercise. Have fun with it.