Wall Art from an Old Door

Repurpose boring hollow-core doors! Take 'em down off the hinges and make them into cool DIY wall art. Michele Beschen gives step-by-step directions for making your own door art.

Hollow core doors aren't the prettiest thing in the world for doors; they do however make fabulous budget friendly art canvasses. These light weight beauties can be used as is by simply removing any hardware or that can easily be cut down in to various sizes, using a circular or hand saw, cut to the size you want to work with, you'll then wanna cap off the cut end to cover up the unattractive innards and any expensive strip of [unk] is just the ticket. Cut the lock to size and then using a bit of wood glue on the ends, nail in to the solid wood edges to secure. Fill in any cracks with wood filler and sand smooth. You're now ready to use this sleek studio edge art canvass in whatever fashion suits you. Using a wood product as your canvass opens up all kinds of kinds of mix media options. You can simply prime in paint or you can wood burn, you can add found objects, use stains, sand things down to distress, lots of creative opportunity. They're light weight to hang, there's no need to frame and it's a colorful, playful way to repurpose.