Freestyle Costumes

Kids make the best fashion designers. Encourage their creative instincts by making this costume treasure trunk and filling it with everything they need for a fun and funky fashion show.

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Putting together a Halloween costume doesn't have to fall within the traditional getups for superheroes and princesses. Why not encourage your kids to throw together some imaginative characters that are all their own. I like to call this freestyle costumes. Grab a trunk, a suitcase, a dresser, a basket and fill it with an interesting selection of things to mix, match and interchange. Old costumes can be tailored and combined into something completely new. Let the kids tear in the things and reconfigure. Fill out with odds and ends, accessories, scarves, headbands, hats, versatile clothing like long underwear and leotards can be turned into just about anything. Kids love to play dress-up and Halloween is the perfect time to let those natural skills shine. To make Halloween as store of lot affair, make it fun, make it imaginative and make it your own.