Base Candleholder

Lamp Base Candleholder

Score a tired lamp at a flea market for a few bucks and transform it into cool candlholders! Michele Beschen gives the play-by-play.

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Light up the night without plugging in, by taking old lamp bases and turning them in to one of a kind candleholders. Remove all the lamp parts, so that you're simply left with the base of the lamp. You may need to re-secure your lamp with adhesive it if comes apart in sections. You're then ready to attach an interesting vessel to the top to hold your candles. You can use small dishes, glass votives or something more expected like fenials or found objects. Just be sure whatever you use is balanced and centered. So it doesn't cause your base to be off kilter. Secure with a contact adhesive or 2-part Epoxy suitable for your material, whether it's glass, wood, metal, add a candle and it's ready to use. A great way to repurpose old lamps. Unique looks every time!