Miniature Jack-o-Lanterns

Why should great big gourds get all the glory? DIY diva Michele Beschen gets crafty with tiny pumpkins, transforming them into smiling jack-o-lanterns, candleholders, and more!

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-Carving pumpkins is one of the all-time favorite Halloween activities. It's even more on the ball when you scale the process down a bit and take a stab at the things on a miniature level. Kids love carving up the smaller pumpkins and they make for some fun displays. You go about the little ones just as you would the larger ones, only there's a lot less room to work with and you'll get things done in a fraction of the time. Open it up, hollow it out, and make it come to life with a memorable design. The smaller carving tools are perfect for these smaller pumpkins. To display, prop them proudly on interesting candle holders. Add your tea light and off you. Miniature Jack-o'-lanterns, quick, easy, kids love doing them and it's a perfect way to bring the carved pumpkin indoors.