Door and Drawer Pulls

Stone Door and Drawer Pulls

Nature makes the best hardware! Michele Beschen shows us how to make cabinet pulls and knobs from free stones you can find outside.

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-With the organic, you know, it's not about being perfect. It's about keeping it real. You know, doing what we can in small manageable ways, inspiring people to make an effort, to be conscious and resourceful. For more information, go to -Changing out drawer pulls and hardware can put a dent in your pocket. But creating your own can save you some green, especially the use some of these backward beauties that are free and readily available. Place your rock in a tub of sand to stabilize. Mix up some 2 part Epoxy adhesive, apply amount to the rock and add your screw head side down. Make sure it's centered and let your adhesive set up. To build up space between the knob and drawer if needed, just add a small washer to add to your doors or drawers and pull. Nature's Hardware at its finest. -and all because I feel, I feel, I feel, I feel it. 'cause while I do is sit up on that and trip. Wakin' up this someone else's choice.