Solid Planter

Rock Solid Planter

It's never been easier to create standout stone planters. Learn how, with Michele Beschen as your garden guide.

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-To save yourself some bucks and planners, do up your own using inexpensive cement mix. For your form, you'll need 2 plastic bowls; ones slightly smaller than the other. Mix up enough cement mix to fill your form. Create a dryer consistency mix so you can form things easily. Spray your bowls with nonstick cooking spray and a layer of mix to the bottom about an inch thick. Place your smaller bowl on top and continue filling in. Formed and smooth. Remove the smaller bowl when the crate retains its form and insert a dowel or pipe to create a drainage hole. Once it's secured, you can paint, stain, or leave natural and implant it up. -We got to live it in mind. If there's something that you can't find. If there's something that you can't find. -Something that you can't find. -If there's something that you can't find. I'd like to know.