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Branches in Vogue

You won't believe what Michele Beschen can fashion out of common branches and twigs. Hair accessories, drawing tools -- even eating utensils!

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-Fallen branches can be useful in so many ways. You can wear them, you can draw with them, you can even eat with them. Head outside and gather up some thinner diameter branches anywhere from 8 of an inch to quarter inch is great. Cut the length down to about 8 to 10 inches and remove any protruding branches. Sharpen the point using a pencil sharpener. Leave it naturally and you have a wonderful drawing or marking tool for art projects. You can send down the tip, one at the end and then paint, stain, or wax for a smooth finish and you have a rustic, budget-friendly hair accessory. You can also shape your ends so they're less tapered and then finish off with a food grade oil or sealer and use as eating utensils. They make for the perfect set of chopsticks. The branch, it's versatile, it's natural, it's free. Use them in your advantage my friends. -High, I wanna give it all to you. High, I wanna give it all to you.