Tabletop Artwork

DIY Tabletop Artwork

Think outside the wall! Michele Beschen demonstrates how to turn framed artwork into a stunning side table.

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-With b. organic, you know, it's not about being perfect. It's about keeping it real, you know, doing what we can in small manageable ways, inspiring people to make an effort to be conscientious and resourceful. For more information, go to Wall art usually goes well on the walls, but what about putting it on a horizontal and creating an original side table with it. Grab a piece of framed artwork that is in a good condition with a solid frame and backing. You can reinforce with thin wood if needed. Combined that with a base off another table or build one yourself using a basic design. Center your artwork on top and secure with a brace or adhesives so it stays put. Cut a piece of glass to set flush on the inside of your frame and you have just created an artful side table that will look good in any room. A conversation piece for sure. -I don't know if I'm coming back again. I don't know where I'm gonna be tomorrow. I know where I lost my friend.