Check out one design guru’s top three tips for jazzing up basic cabinetry.

-Shopping for cabinets? You may be feeling overwhelmed. My name is Connie Edwards. I'm Director of Design for American Woodmark Corporation. We make beautiful cabinetry under the American Woodmark brand available at your Home Depot and also Shenandoah cabinetry available at your local Lowes. While the editors of DIY Magazine asked me to take just a minute and talk to you about how to make some of those choices easier, I'm gonna give you my top 3 ways to add some real design interest at a budget price point for your kitchen. One of my favorite ways to add design interest to any kitchen, large or small, is to add decorative glass inserts and just 1 or 2 doors. They add a lot of impact and they'll give a focal point to your kitchen. Another way to give real style to your kitchen is to add furniture feet. They're easy to install. They come in a variety of sizes and they really give a polished look to any kitchen and always consider decorative top molding for your kitchen. It comes in a variety of sizes and styles that can be combined in an unlimited number of ways. It'll take the plainest kitchen and give it an upscaled look.