Give an Old Lamp a Lift

Restore a past-its-prime lamp base to good style with high-gloss spray paint.

How do you turn an ordinary lamp into a chic accessory? Try this. Start out with a basic lamp. It can be from a discount store, a garage sale for a quarter, even your baseline. Sometimes, even the uglier the better on the lamp because the paint is gonna transform it. I love this urn because it looks both classic and modern all at once. We start out by priming it with a spray paint formulated especially for metal. I've already done that here. You wanna make sure to take off parts of the lamp you don't wanna receive any paint. So, up here where the harp attaches, just cover it up with some newspaper and a bunch of painter's tape, and make sure to mark off a few inches of cord in the back so that cord doesn't have your color. I like to use gloss paint because it gives that glamorous look to the lamp. A tip to do when you're spray painting is to always make sure to over spray. Make sure you go a few inches either side of the lamp so you got a nice even coat. It's always better to do more thin layers than to spray it on heavily because then you'll get those runs. You can also use white; looks like you came straight out of the fashion home accessories catalog. You could use gloss red, whatever color works with your décor. Spray the whole lamp. Gonna get down into the crevices, but keep a few inches back so you don't get it runny and globby. Make sure you're doing this in a well-ventilated area so you can breathe. [unk] There. In just a few minutes, you have a glamorous accessory.