a Compost Bin in Minutes

Make a Compost Bin in Minutes

Compost makes garden magic. And the best thing is that it can be made practically for free. Drill a few holes in a plastic garbage can to turn it into the perfect container to make something from nothing.

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Make your own backyard compost bin, try this! Now you can buy new composting bins from garden centers or you could easily make your own. One popular and very basic option is just to use some wire fencing and just wrap into a cylinder like this to contain your materials. You can use almost any kind of container out there as long as you have some drainage and the way to let air circulate in and around your materials, very cute. Now a big garbage can like this one works really well. It's on wheel, so you can go anywhere you want and I think this is a really good idea 'coz you can just wheel it around your yard and take it where it's needed. I just put some holes on the bottom here and on the sides. Again, very important you wanna let the water out and the air in. Now, if you wanna get started on a little bit smaller scale, try using one of these 5-gallon buckets. Again, just make sure that you drill some holes along the sides and on the bottom. And the nice thing about the size of this container, it's a little bit smaller, so it's really easy to put your back step and it's really convenient, so you can put your kitchen scraps on them and it comes with a handle, so very convenient. Now that you've got your bin, what do you put in? Well, you should check out my Try this segment on compost ingredients. It's an easy recipe for successful composting that will turn your trash into a garden treasure.