DIY Modern Lampshade

A formerly boring lampshade becomes a sleek modern accessory when trimmed with an inexpensive metal belt.

Make it modern and make it fast. This lampshade looks like a million bucks but it didn't cost that. Here is how you do it. Start with a basic lampshade. If you find one in white that you like the shape on but you want a different color just spray-paint it to a color from an accent in your room and let it dry. I found this chocolate brown one that's an accent color in my house so I'm just going to go ahead with that. The embellishment for the lamp, look for a metal link belt. I love this one because it has the circles and the squares that are so modern and so on trend right now. The advantage of using a belt to decorate the lamp is that the links are flexible. It works the same way on your waistline as it works on the different shapes of a lampshade. You can use this on a drum shade that has sides that are straight up and down or because the links flex it will work on a shade that's flared. Position the belt around your lampshade where you'd like it. You can put it at the top. You can put another row at the bottom or you could put a belt around the middle. It's whatever looks good for you. Hold them in place with close pens. It will keep it nice and stable so that nothing slides out of whack while you're trying to glue. Secure it in place by taking the adjustable part of the belt and tighten it to the tightest hook for a nice secure fit. You can let this part of the belt dangle down making it look like a fashion accessory or you can use metal clippers and just clip it off. Use an adhesive that's formulated to adhere to metal and just begin by gluing it on the shade. I glopped it a little bit but you know what that's okay because it's going to dry clear. Hold it with your clip, glue every other link every 2 or 3 links depending on how wavy the belt is. Let it dry overnight and in the morning you'll have a fabulous accessory.