Use Molding to Upgrade Your Cabinets

Update your kitchen or bath on a budget by adding architectural trim to existing cabinets. We'll show you how.

To update your cabinet without breaking your budget, try this. Cabinets can be a really big investment, so if you're looking for ways to be a little more light of the cabinet you already have, molding makes a big difference. Find the molding that you like that compliments the style of your home. I've chosen this egg-and-dart molding and I'm gonna create a rectangle. Work to the side on your design and cut the moldings aside. I like to use the miter box that's inexpensive and you can just find it in almost any hardware store. What you need to do is cut a 45-degree angle to create your good clean corners. What you're gonna do next is either pin-nail it or use glue. I'm gonna use glue and just cut a thin bead on the back and then be sure to either tape this in place or you clamp. I'm gonna use clamp because it makes a little bit more secure and you're gonna wanna leave the clamp on overnight, so that you're sure that they're good and dry. Do this on all 4 sides and in the morning, you're gonna be ready for paint. On this version, I'll be using paint and glaze, so it's a 2-colored process, but it really gives it a lot of depth and makes the molding stand out. When you're finished, you've got a homey look without investing your whole lot of money.