Garden Planter Bench

Make a sturdy spot to perch with this bench project you can wrap up this weekend.

-Do you need a comfortable and creative place to perk? I've got the solution for you. I'm Jenny Wright with Do It Yourself Magazine, and I'm gonna show you how to make this great outdoor garden bench. You can make it in 1 weekend and all you need is 2 sturdy pots and some cedar 1 by 4's. Come on. Let me show you how. -Begin by choosing the pots that will form the base of your bench. I found pots that are 20 inches in diameter. 18 to 24-inch high pots work well for an 8-foot long bench. Create your bench frame with cedar 1 by 4's. Then, finish the top by attaching 1 or more 1 by 4's across the frame. To cut the hole for the planter top, measure the width of the top and subtract 2 inches. Cutting a hole this width will allow the pots to support the bench while letting the plants go through. Paint your bench with exterior house paint and plant your favorite flowers or grasses in the pots. Now it's time to enjoy. So have some fun this weekend and create some outdoor seating and a focal point in your yard. I'm Jenny Wright with Do It Yourself Magazine.