Outdoor Light Fixture

Shed some light outside with this simple one-hour pendant project.

- Outdoor entertaining is more popular than ever, but you don't wanna do it in the dark. I'm Jenny Wright with Do It Yourself Magazine, and I'm gonna show you how to make a colorful and inexpensive light fixtures in just 1 hour, and you don't even need an electricity in the hand. The first thing you need to do is find the base for your chandelier. I've used the galvanized tray, but you can use a feed pan or an oil drip pan. Really, the only important thing is that you have vertical sides. And for smaller chandelier or pendant light, you could use a pulley like this. The next thing you wanna do is look to your bottles that you're gonna use. I chose this one that hasn't more narrow center because we're gonna hold it on with zip ties and it will keep it from slipping. Another option is this one, which has bumps on it and the keeps it from sliding off also. You wanna try to find the most colorful bottles that you can because they're gonna glow beautifully. Next, you wanna drill holes in your tray. Drill them about an inch and half apart all the way around. The hole needs to be large enough to allow a zip tie to fit through and pull it snug and you're on to the next one. Now, let's hang this chandelier. I have chosen to use 3 equal length of galvanized wire with loops to the top. The way that you make the loops is to use a piece of hardware called the ferrule fitted on 2 sides, add a single piece and crimp it. It's not going anywhere. It's really secured. Use an eye hook and C-hook to attach your support to a beam. So add some glow to your garden or inside your house. This one is really gonna wow your friend. I'm Jenny Wright with Better TV.