Outdoor Kitchen Gazebo

Tour a livable, lovable outdoor space featuring DIY projects for a kitchen, entertainment area, and gaming zone.

-Outdoor living spaces are so hot today. Everyone needs a great retreat to come home to after a long day at work. I'm Jenny Wright with Do-It-Yourself magazine and we have designed the greatest outdoor living space for you to see today. It's got a kitchen area, a comfortable sitting space for entertaining, and it even has outdoor games built right into the landscape. It's filled with tons of great project that you too can make. Let's take a look. We've built this structure for family that lives on a gorgeous lake, but you could build it in your backyard too. It's made on a simple deck structure that we've covered with trex decking. It's for low maintenance. Over here, is a wonderful sitting area where you can sit about 8 people, and it is filled with gorgeous outdoor fabrics. These curtains can be pulled closed from our privacy. We made a chandelier out of drink bottles and it's candlelit for more ambience. This coffee table has a hole cut in the center of it where you can recess a bucket, fill it ice, and had your drinks at hand at all times. Let's check out the kitchen. We have an awesome grill that could feed a crew. It's got a burner on the sides and its all stainless steel. Over here, is a storage container that on wheels. It slides under the countertop or out and it hides your cooler. We have a sink and a faucet that is fed with a garden hose. When the water drains out of the sink, you can collect it in a bucket and water your plants. All of the countertops are made out of concrete, which makes them very durable and great for the outdoors. If you think this is awesome, let's check out the landscaping. We made the front landscape super fun. Check this out. We've used inexpensive concrete papers from a home store. We staggered them and [unk]. The cool thing about this is it becomes a giant game board. You can play checkers or chess, and for your spectators, we've created this bench made out of planters and cedar planks. I'm totally proud of this project and I've had fun taking you on the tour. The cool thing about it is you can make it all yourself in your very own backyard. I'm Jenny Wright with Better TV.